About Us

Stepstones Training & Image consultancy is led by corporate trainer and professional image consultant , R Shashikala. She is an engineer by profession, having more than twenty five years of industrial experience. An accomplished business manager, her experience in leading teams to deliver products and services in a time bound schedule has given her an insight into human motivation and behavior. Her ability to identify and nurture human talent has laid the foundation of Stepstones. 

At Stepstones we offer enterprise branding solutions for industries and personal branding services for individuals. 

Using principles of image consultancy we adapt a holistic approach in addressing the attitude, behaviour and communication of individuals and enterprises. Image management professionals will assist in identifying strengths and skills that make you or the enterprise stand out.

Our inside-out method of execution will bring forward the individual's unique identity. For an enterprise, we focus on inner core values addressed in tandem with outward symbols ,methods of communication and behaviour of organisation and employee.

Our competencies :

  • Professional image consultants, competent at bridging employee outlook with company image.
  • Managing symbols and outward manifestations.
  • Train teams on essential people skills
  • Set procedures for effective delivery in synchronization with company’s goals and objectives.
  • Assist trainees to develop an attitude of responsibility and ownership at work.
  • Motivate teams to set milestones for achievement.
  • Inspire young leaders to create an identity and style at work.
  • Develop the art of mentoring and motivation in senior leadership.

We believe our services will be "Your step stones to success".