Graduate employability-Institutions role

Present situation

In today’s competitive world graduate engineers must equip themselves with a set of skill sets and characteristics that make them more likely to gain employment. The role of the institution to make graduates employable lay in imparting knowledge that will enable the students to compete in the global scenario. The college also inculcates value systems and develops social skills required for the graduate to be successful in the global market place.

The gap

The graduate has the ability to understand and remember the curriculum, however what the industry requires them is to analyse and solve problems. This gap needs to be bridged in order to make the graduate employable.

The training aims to address the following issues:

1. What are the skills that employers consider important when hiring fresh graduates?

2. Are there gaps in the requirement of the industry and the curriculum?

3. Which skills need to be enhanced to satisfy the industry needs?

The essential exposure

The natural result of undergoing a technical education is placement. However the exposure to industry that the graduate attains is very little. It is not only until the final year that the students start comprehending about what the industry wants. An early exposure to the industry will give the students an opportunity to increase their skill set. This can be done in form of internships, guest lectures from industry experts and by attending industry workshops for skill enhancement.

The employability factor

Employability does not end at gaining a job. Rather it is the capacity of the graduate to function at a job and be able to move between roles thus remaining employable throughout their life.

The component of employability lays in the following fundamentals:

·         A strong foundation of the basic principles of the technology.

·         Job skills to perform the role

·         Aptitude for the job and technology

·         Self-realisation of one’s strength and weakness.


Our training programs focus on enhancing the knowledge- fundamentals in technology. Impart job skills required to function in industry. Match the aptitude of the graduate with the real world job profile.

Our expertise

Our core expertise lies in translating the industries needs and match the graduates’ aptitude. For the graduate to be successful they must understand their strengths, natural aptitude and the job skills required to function in the industry. We have the industry experience and the skills to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Our trainers have the expertise to enhance the employability skill of the graduate.