Enterprise identity - Public Perception

A company's public image is the sum of the interpretations of the key stake holders.

What matters in the long run is how the customers interpret your business activities.

The cumulative way in which the investors, employees, customers , suppliers, government, and community perceive the company creates the positive associations.

When the public perception is favorable and the company’s image is positive then its products and services are perceived to be of high quality and reliability. 

At Stepstones we address this perception and the assist companies in creating the right impact.

Enterprise identity :

An enterprise identifies itself through its symbols, communication and behavior. We assist enterprises in managing  their outward manifestations.

Symbols :

  • Name, Product  and Service
  • Logos and Stationary
  • Brochures and Business cards
  • Uniforms or dress code
  • Work environment
  • Web presence

Communication and behavior

The communication and behavior are a product of human interactions.

Ultimately all perceptions are created by the companies owners and employees. 

At Stepstones we address this perception and the assist enterprises in training human assets - the company's employees.

We engage your human capital on communication and interpersonal workshops:

  • How to use voice and body language in business situations.
  • Choosing styles of clothes, make-up and hair that would enhance their looks and elevate confidence
  • Business etiquette, including spoken and written communication.
  • Develop tact and good listening skills.
  • Acquire the ability to influence clients for positive results .
  • Develop leadership qualities and team management.
  • Enhance customer engagement by creating delight.
  • Win - Win attitude 
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Manage self - Time and stress