Interview Skills

Performing well in an interview is a learnable skill. The interview skills that job seekers learn through mistakes, trial and error over attending several interviews can be taught so that you put your best foot forward from the beginning. Often the best opportunities come first and you must be ready for it.  


At Stepstones the learners will get an insight about his or her areas of development and strengths which will result in a better knowledge of which job roles to apply for and how to bring the interviewer to notice your strengths.

How to stand out from the clones? Each job vacancy attracts a number of candidates.  Your resume must indicate a competitive edge which will make an employer take notice of you. The sessions will help the learner to approach an interview or group discussion in a planned and effective manner. The awareness will lead to confidence for a successful performance. 

Training topics

SWOT analysis

Resume Impression

Interview Impression

Group discussion

Mock interview

Post selection tips

Training hours:

4 hours

Training methodology

Power point presentation

Group activities       

Audio video clippings

Role plays