The art and science of first impression

First impressions are formed within 3-5 seconds. When a stranger sees you an impression is formed. It is comparable to people judging a book by its cover, a brief synopsis of the story that is YOU-enough to judge whether you are an adventure or political thriller, science fiction, romance, comedy or fantasy.


First impressions are quick to form and last forever. They have the power to make or break your job or social life. You owe it to yourself to create a powerful First Impression because your success, happiness and fulfillment depends on them.

It is of tremendous value to the organization to have employees who are skilled not only in their domain knowledge but also be conversant with other life skills such as good communication, team work, punctuality, politeness, and pleasing personality.

At Stepstones we teach you the art and science behind creating a positive first impression for success.

Training topics

Art and science of First Impression.

Communication of clothes

Cluster concept for variety and affordability of clothing.

Training hours    

3 hours           

Training methodology

Power point presentation

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