Career Jet module

Do you want to get the job you want ? Then stop being a clone.

Have you become a job-hunting machine in a market where you’re competing against thousands of competent candidates exactly like you ?

Some companies hire clones and are paying the lowest wage to do only the simple tasks. This makes their clone employees as replaceable as possible.

Do not become this clone. 

Did you know that an experienced HR spends only 6 seconds scanning a resume ?

She decides whether you are the right candidate for the job within 2 minutes into the interview. You may be technically sound and have all the required experience but do you portray this knowledge effectively ? 

To get the job you want you need a strategy to avoid being clone and put your best foot forward.

The good news is it’s... possible!

What should you do to become a master of your career? Hop aboard the Career Jet!

To make a positive impact you need to take charge of the first 2 seconds .

People listen with their eyes so there is a chance that their judgments are prejudiced. Snap decisions are made. There can be a disconnect between what they see and hear.

You can be trained to create the positive first impressions. 

We at Stepstones Training have designed an intensive 2 day – 6 hour session program to arm you with the necessary tools to excel in today’s do-die job market. We train you to think different and apply an entrepreneurial mind set to fine-tune what you offer employers. You will be trained in the following modules.